Pet Symptoms; 7 Signs Your Pet Needs A Vet Attention

How good will it be if our pets can talk, scream, and tell us what they want, how they feel and what they think? I know this will also be  the desire of many pet lovers.

But seriously, if that happens in this present world, many people will kill their pets themselves, and a lot of people will not have the courage to even move near such pet.

However, pets can’t talk that’s why it’s impossible for them to tell us how they feel. As pet owner, it is paramount to always have close observation to understand their needs, how they feel and know the change in reaction of each pet.

The funny aspect is that your pets will not be down suddenly – it will start with a sing or symptom before it get to a worst stage, that is why it’s better to give quick attention before your pet is down.

The below sings and symptoms are common ways in which pets tell us they’re sick.


  1. Change in active level

Just as you will act strangely when you are sick so as your pet will also act. You know the normal behavior of your pet and how it respond when you call her. Change in level of activeness shows that something is wrong with your pet.

Here are some signs that your pet may be sick

  • If your pet find it difficult to answer you at a call
  • If your pet isolate itself  alone in a corner
  • If your pet finds it difficult to play with you like before
  • If  your pet start making unusual sound

Take your pet to see a veterinarian if you noticed any of the above sings in your pets behavior.

  1. When your pets start sleeping than normal

You should know how often and how long your pet sleeps;  if your pet start sleeping than normal,  you should quickly pay attention to it and visit your vet.

Here are some diseases that can allow your pets to start sleeping excessively.

  • Fever
  • Muscle pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Diabeties
  • Hypothyroidism

Pets generally sleep between 12 to 18 hours depending on the type of pets you have, but when your pet start sleeping abnormally you should know that something is wrong.

  1. When your pets start coughing, sneezing or panting excessively

Pay close attention when your pets start sneezing, coughing, or panting excessively, this may be due to a respiratory infection or bacterial infection, it is advisable not to do self medication as you will not want to put the life of your pet on line.

Take your pet to a vet clinic for proper medication as they will diagnose to know the course of the infection and what to do to help your pet out.

  1. Loss of appetite

For example, your dog normally take three canned foods every morning,  and suddenly it was unable to finish one canned food at a go, you should know that something is not right.

As  you will feel when you are sick, which you won’t be able to eat much, so as your pet when it’s not in normal health state.

You should act fast when you notice you pet have loss of appetite.

  1. Change in stool

Change in stool can sometimes depend on the type of  food you give your pet. However when you pet start having watery stool or stool stained with blood there is high possibility that your pet is not in a good state.

Here are some diseases that can cause excessive stooling for your pet

  • diarrhea  
  • stomach disorder

If you notice this two symptoms in your pet, take it to a vet for proper care.

  1. Persistent itching

If you notice a persistence itching in you pet, it’s a sign of  infection which can cause your pet to lose its fur,  hair or end up hurting itself, which can lead to an open wound.

This might have something to do with how clean you pet environment is, and often you birth your pet. While other infection can be a skin disease symptoms like mange or scabies.

  1. High temperature

One of the first thing you should check for when there is changes in your pets behavior is the temperature.  High temperature can connote a lot of  sickness sings.

However, the temperature generally depends on the type of pets you keep, for example,  a dog’s normal temperature is 101-102.5 degree Fahrenheit, while the one for cat is 99.5-102.5 Fahrenheit.

It’s important to have a digital thermometer and check your dog’s temperature once in while or when you see any change in reaction.


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