5 Natural Ways To Maintain Your Dog’s Coat & Reduce Hair Loss

Glossy hair is one of the ways to identify a healthy dog. The beauty of a dog most times depends on the appearance, how shinny and how smooth the coat is.  

However, there are several types of dog’s coat, basically it depends on breeds, some are long haired dogs, while some are small. But irrespective of the coat, proper and balanced care should be given to all dogs to maintain a good outlook.

How will you feel if you are to go on public hiking with your dog, and you realize that no one wants to move with you due to your dog’s appearance? You will actually feel bad, that’s why it’s important for all pet owners to give more attention on maintaining their dog’s coat to look more healthy and attractive.   

Below are 6 natural ways to maintain your dog’s coat and reduce hair loss.

  1. Bath your dog on a regular schedule

Giving your dog a regular bath is a vital step to keep its coat healthy and decent. It’s recommended to wash a dog once in a month, or once in a week. It all depends on you and the type of dog you have. Bathing your dog will help protect it from external parasite like tick, mite, and lice – which causes intense itching, and lead to hair loss.

Moreso, you should select a good shampoo to get a good result on your dog’s skin, there are lots of dog shampoo made for specific skin and fur types, but make sure to use the  one that contain vitamin E, aloe vera or oatmeal.

However, most people made the mistake of scrubbing hard while washing their dog, and the dog end up losing much hair which reduce the level of natural and protective oils in their coat. It’s advisable to gently apply soap and shampoo, to make your dog enjoy the bathing process and prevent hair loss.    

  1.  Keep your dog in a clean environment

A clean environment will definitely prevent your dog from having a skin irritation or skin problem. A dirty environment attracts fleas; their major work is to feast on a dogs blood, sucking it through the skin which allow dog to scratch its body until it starts losing hair.

Also, when your environment is untidy, your dog can become infected with a Botfly larvae, they multiply by laying eggs in the environment.

In fact, once your dog get in contact with the hatched egg (maggot), it crawl unto the skin and enters the body orifice, going from one layer to another until it gets to the skin where they manifest and cause a hole into your dog’s skin.

It can also cause a series of illness to a dog’s health.

Make sure to tidy up your dog’s environment, it would help your dog from having unnecessary hair loss.

  1. Pay attention to your dog’s nutrition

It’s actually important to give more consideration and attention to what you feed your dog. The quality of feed given to a dog will determine how radiant and beautiful it will look.

However, adding the right nutrient to your dog’s diet will help the coat to look shiny and attractive. Here are some essential vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy skin and coat of  a dog.

  • Vitamin A: it helps the root of the hair and stimulate healthy hair growth, and it also helps to promote healthy blood cells.
  • Copper: it helps in maintaining the original colour of your dog’s hair, leaving it with a shiny and attractive coat.
  • Biotin: it helps in promoting tissue growth.
  • Vitamin E: it protect the skin cell from free radicals  
  • Zinc: it helps in preventing different skin infections.  

Just make sure all these are present in your dog’s diet.

  1. Groom your dog on a regular basis

Regular grooming helps the hair follicle to stay healthy, and increases the natural production of skin oil, which allow the coat to stay shiny.

It is advisable to groom your dog regularly or twice in a week, depending on how hairy your dog is.

  1. Add omega 3 to your dog’s diet

Adding omega 3 fatty acid to your dog’s diet is also a good way to have the best coat for your pup; Omega 3 also aid skin irritation and prevent dog from other diseases.

Here are few natural source through which you can get omega 3 fatty acid for your dog.

  • Fish oil and fish meal
  • Canola oil

The beauty of a dog depends on the look and how shiny the coat is, take proper care of your dog to get the best outlook ever.


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