These 4 Amazing Tips Will Let Your Dog Live More Longer

Just as you crave to live longer in good health, so as your canine pet also wish. But how can your innocent pet live longer without knowing what to do, steps to take to live a long life. Hence, the first tip for your pet to live long lies in your hand, because you are the only one who can direct it in that part.

It’s seriously discouraging to see that over 6,000,000 dogs and cat were killed on US road last year. Also, approximately 1.2 million dogs were killed on US road every year, not to talk of the remaining places in the world. Meanwhile, this is due to improper care from pet owners; I believe we can reduce the rate of pet’s death by taking proper care and taking steps to allow them live more longer.

However, we all love our dogs and want them to live forever, but we can’t guarantee how long our dogs would live, howbeit, there are few things we can do to help them live a long and great fulfilling lives.

Below therefore are 4 amazing tips to help your dog live a long and healthy live.

#1. Practice regular exercise

Just as human need exercise to live a healthy and long live, so as our pet also; they need exercise to have a balanced and prolong life. Meanwhile, a lot of pet owners are too busy to exercise their dog (s), all they do is feed and feed until their dog steadily gain weight and get obese.

Little wonder why 53 percent of dogs and 58 percent of cats in U.S. are overweight or obese, and 90 percent of owners did not recognize that their obese pet weight more than they should. Also, according to the association of pet obesity prevention, out of the 77.5 million dogs in USA, 35 million of these dogs are considered overweight, and 6.7 million are considered clinically obese.

All this are as a result of  insufficient exercise, overfeeding and feeding of high calorie feeds. You don’t need to exercise with your dog all day, Just 20 minute walk a day can change the life of your dog. Meanwhile, a little exercise each day is better than non stopping exercise during weekends

#2. Feed your pet with optimal nutrition

Just with what quality of feed do you give your dog? Do you feed your dog to fill her stomach or you feed her with the right nutrition requirement? The right nutrition plays a vital role in the longevity of your dog.

There are several pet food brands in the market today, with several flashy labels and high prices. You may think that the most expensive one is the best for your pet, and you just decide to feed your pet with any food, probably because you are buying it at a high price. Dog food must meet some certain requirement, specific level of carbohydrate, protein, fat, minerals and vitamins. It is important to know the composition of any feed you are giving your dog, to help it live a balanced life.

However, it’s important to look for a brand that’ll offer you a steady and healthy pet diet, aside from the fact that there are different diet requirement for your pet at different stage, basically because of their age and breed; so you should know the right food to give your pet at a certain stage.

#3. Frequent vet check-ups

Regular health assessment will allow your pet to stay in good health and live long. You may think that you’re feeding the right nutrition and you’re observant enough to know when your pet is sick – to take it for treatment. Here, you need to understand some rules guiding pets health if you really want your dog to live long.

  • Never wait for your dog to get sick before you visit your vet
  • Never try self medication unless you’re directed by a professional
  • Don’t try to miss your dog vaccination

These three rules are very essential if you want your dog to live a perfect long life, even if you’re very observant about your dog’s health, it’s important to visit your vet at least once in a month for thorough check-up. This’ll give your vet the chance to examine your dog and tell if there’s any problem you need to fix before it get serious.

#4. Express love to your dog

Just like people, dogs also need mental stimulation to keep them happy and active. A lonely dog can  become dejected and ill. Most times, they always want their owner’s attention every time. However, it is important to  schedule a time out of your busy day and make your dog feel happy, with training, socialization, one-on-one attention and other helpful activities.

Dont forget to always say good words to your dog with a praising tone. A recent study in science shows that dogs can understand human speech, they were studied in an MRI scanner, and it shows that they experience more happiness when they hear a praising tone. This shows that they dont just listen to us they also give interpretation to every word spoken to them, always say good words to your dog make her happy.


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